Not Much Noise Here - Mixtape

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So yeah. Like I said, I’m going to make my own mixtapes and here is my first one and it’s called “Not Much Noise Here” because this list compiles soft music that I really love to listen especially if it is cold and cloudy day like this day. I just grab different videos from youtube (credits to the owners) and post them here but if I had a time I think I’m going to put them in one folder as an mp3 and maybe upload it to 4shared or mediafire. I don’t know.

So yeah, I hope you like it and my sucky edit above which I called the cover of the list. Haha.

Bye, D★

YaY! Red Tour is coming to town baby~


(printscreen from Taylor Swift)

Together with Cornetto, Tay will be back in Asia for a continuation of her new album tour, the “Red Tour”. Starting on june, Tay will be rounding the southeast asia to perform and one of the country she will be performing is at… Philippines! (Yay! It’s official). Based on her website Taylor Swift, “Taylor’s The RED Tour performance features two stages, elaborate costumes, dancers, and changing sets. Taylor moves around the venue, giving every audience member a great seat. Taylor plays electric guitar, banjo, piano and acoustic guitar and changes costumes multiple times over the course of the evening. Her set features several songs from her record-breaking RED album, as well as new takes on other fan favorites.”


(printscreen from Taylor Swift)

The exact date of the show was posted on her website and the tickets will be on sale (Phil.) on February 20th at sm tickets.

And because I am incapable of producing the amount needed to buy a ticket (at least General Admission) I don’t think I will be able to see her (for the second time).


But because of Cornetto, I will have a chance to go and see her perform…(but of course I will be passing a hole of a needle before that happens). Cornetto will be giving away VIP ticket and some Red Tour goodies on a lucky winner. In order to be the winner, all you have to do is to buy a limited edition Taylor Swift’s Red Cornetto (that comes in Black Forest flavor, yum!) and text the code written under the circle thing that covers the ice cream (based on the instruction I read on a print ad). But the one I bought was just a teaser I guess since it don’t have the promo code under the circle thing (and I believe the participating cornetto’s will have Taylor’s face on the circle thing or the cup) and it’s just sad because I don’t think the contest is going on now but I will still be buying and follow cornetto ph for further instruction.

Crossing my finger on the hope to win this contest because I really need this and want this so much. I HOPE I CAN SEE HER ON JUNE!.


Bye, D★

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Page 01 of 150 (02-16-14)

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So… Yep, as you can see, I am doing a novel thingy (frustratingly, though) and this is the third novel I’m currently working right now (The first one entitled: “The Lion’s Den”, the second one don’t have a title yet but I’m loving its story than the first story I made, and the last one is this and I still don’t know what title would be good for this but I know I will come to that part later on) This will contain my life for 150 days and how I feel about every single day of it. I hope this will turns out good.


Hi, so I’m Dexter… I’m skipping the ‘introducing me’ part since you can read that on my about page. Today is the start of our finals and I’m really hoping to pass all my subjects since I’m on third year college now and this summer is my first OJT (On The Job Training) and if I didn’t pass all my subjects, I will not be able to do that this April. I feel okay right now, I don’t expect to be really really okay but at least I feel 50% okay. I got bashed again on school. And though I feel like I’m such a jerk not to talk back, I just ignore it and… you know silently review my lectures. I guess I’m immune. But I’m okay, no need to worry. I got an extra project from my Industrial Psychology prof. because I almost failed last midterm. And I’m kinda tired doing it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I finally know what personality disorder I have, it’s called ‘Avoidant Personality Disorder’. It’s characterized by hypersensitivity to rejection and apprehensive alertness to any sign of social derogation. Those person who have this disorder readily see ridicule where none was intended. Persons who have this are too afraid of criticism and rebuff to seek out other people, but they desire affection and are often lonely and bored. Just like me. And I know that’s not good. But I’m really trying to be positive. I guess there’s just too many people who wants you down. And if they saw something amazing to you, they will destroy you for having that in you. Like what I read, ‘people want you do good, but never better than them’ (anonymous). And it’s just kind of funny to think that people will destroy you because you have something they don’t. And in fact, they have something you don’t, which makes sense just now to me that,why did they want something you have when they have something you don’t, I mean it’s fair. I have something they don’t, they have something I don’t. I— okay I don’t want to explain anymore ‘cause I might say weird and non sense stuff here.

And I’m ending it here now. I know its narcissistic of me talking all about myself here. But expect more of my narcissistic tendencies here on my so-called novel.

I’m going to leave a video here just not to make this super boring (super boring means all text post without anything)

I really love this song cause it tells my story…

is that weird?

'cause I feel it is.

Bye, D★

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Hey guys!

so, since I don’t know what to post here and I want to post something (definitely, not an outfit post cause I’m stopping for now but be back soon), I’m going to post what I currently read and watched and heard —no, I think I’m going to cancel the latter part since I’m not yet finished with the mix-tape my friend gave me.

First, I want to share my currently read books. This three are really good and awesome I just can’t put the book down.



I swear this gives me goosebumps for more than two days and there’s a part of it that still lingers in my bones until now and I was still scared. It’s not really pure ghost/monsters stories, half of the book contains murder stories which is A-wesome. It was a compilation of different stories and every stories have fact files which says all the facts investigated and based on that, it’s up to you whether you will agree that the story was true or not. My favorite stories in that compilation was “Diary of the Haunted House” and “Curse of the mummy”; The diary of the haunted house is a story about a haunted house (silly me), the story was so famous it even had a movie version. The curse of the mummy is a story about a disturbed mummy and its curse happens to the people around it, the story lead to titanic and the real reason why it sinks and its because of the mummy, because the mummy was kept hidden there to move from another place but worst, the ship sinks.



I know this is too late for this but I can’t help but read this. This is the first time I’ll read this but I swear I’m wanting more. I don’t think I need to put a brief summary for this since everyone knows this. So I’m going to skip.



Bub the imp from the underground hell of Himalayas. Uhh~ this cutey sure have a good heart. Bub is a little devil sent from above to cause a mischief but he has a very kind and good heart so he always failed but the lord devil have some good magic stuffs and it cause too much mischief than bub realize so they end up trying to solve how to makes things right. It was a corgi book so this is definitely for kids but I love corgi books so no one is stopping me from reading this.


(photo from Google)


This movie is A-wesome and I just can’t stop. If you were following me since then, you’ll know that I am addicted to Taylor and showed it by posting Taylor’s edits. Taylor Swift became my inspiration and role model and idol and dream wife (yeah, even the age gap doesn’t matter to me) after I saw her ‘Love Story’ music video. She’s just super awesome and pretty and nice and kind and pretty again. Journey to fearless is like a video blog Taylor usually posted on her myspace account but this was shot during her fearless tour. It have four chapters (I like to call it chapters) and each tells different concert day. It was really like you were there on the concert but with a backstage pass because you can see her dress rehearsal and everything. It was also fun how Taylor made every concert night an enchanted experience by singing on the small stage near the back so even the fans who are very far from the center stage can saw her nearer. Plus Taylor give everyone a hug (well, not everyone) and I swear I will do anything for that. The movie is really worth the time because it’s inspiring and you would really feel emotional and feel that you really need to see her in person or go to her concert (so sad I didn’t able to see her when she had a tour here in manila).


(photo from google)


I don’t want to cry so I’m skipping on giving this a quick summary but I swear this is super emotional and you wouldn’t control your tears here. My Psychology Professor show us this movie and due to that, we made her promise to warn us first if she wants us to see a movie especially if that movie is in the category of this one.

That are the current things I read and watched and I really love to see more new things soon, so if you have suggestion please message me, they are all welcome. So I think I need to go. I hope you enjoy reading. Bye for now.

Bye, D★

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