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Bye, D★

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Wow omg thanks hahaha I love your photos too!!

Thank you, too. And omg, too. because someone love them :)

Bye, D★


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I don’t feel fine. I’m confused.

There are so many things going right now that I can’t explain nor I can distinguish. Last night, I wake up from a horrible dream that I don’t want to talk here. And I feel empty. there’s so many thing running inside my mind and I can’t control them and I feel like I am going to explode anytime soon. Plus, the stress I get on my current OJT site which is too demanding for me. I think I have to go to see a Guidance counselor or a psychiatrist but I fear that it would reflect me because I am a 4th year psychology major and I can’t apply anything I learn to myself. I know I have a high pride but I just can’t.

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Bye, D★

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Photo Diary: Solstice

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I just feel like posting this. So I did. And I’m writing a new story again and I hope and pray that I will be able to finish it without getting bored. And our internet crash this past few weeks so I haven’t got to update my blog. I feel a little disturb, not like a normal disturb and I’m afraid that it might end up into a bad things which I hope not. Please talk to me, because I need to talk someone I didn’t know personally.

Bye, D★

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